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What We Do

1. Raise the Children International (RTC) identifies, selects and contracts orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) into our network of scholars. We work with nearly 50 children in South Africa today.

2. RTC makes core investments in high quality education for the orphans and vulnerable children in our community by recruiting international college graduates to teach school for a year in South Africa. Through this recruitment we are able to enrich the schools of South Africa with strong teachers and receive scholarships for our children to attend these private schools for free.

3. In addition, we supplement our scholars’ education with entrepreneurial, leadership and practical skills training, including problem solving, conflict resolution and opportunities to implement business plans on their school campus. This extra-curricular investment is founded on three core pillars of integrity, education and service.

4. We provide on-the-ground mentors for sponsored children once they move into high school.

5. We build ties to companies that offer scholarship or work/study opportunities for our scholars. These partnerships provide a menu of employment options for our young people and create opportunities for our scholars to get jobs upon graduation.

6. We maintain and update a database of university scholarships to connect academically-minded learners with higher education opportunities.

Types of Support

We run two separate streams of support.
Stream 1 is family-based. We identify and vet families who are raising orphans. If selected, we support all children in the family, both biological and orphaned. We believe that strong families are the foundation of a healthy nation.
Stream 2 is based purely on the merit and ambition of any orphan applying to our program. If selected, we support that single orphan.

We’ve currently identified 11 families caring for 34 children, with 21 orphans and 13 biological children. We’ve welcomed another 20 young people into our community that do not live with a family, but have great potential.

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