Educating Orphans; Unleashing Leaders.

"The best thing about being with RTC is that we have teachers who help us with studies and look after us. They are my close family and always have time for me when I want to talk to them."

Kebatlamang Bogosi

Raise The Children Scholars Program

Each of our self-motivated scholars underwent an extensive interview process to join the RTC family. We currently partner with Tiger Kloof Educational Institute in Taung, North West Province and Cornerstone College in Silverton, Pretoria to educate our learners. Each of our scholars has a different story. Many hope to become doctors, engineers, and teachers and we do everything we can to make those aspirations possible.  We send our scholars to a private boarding school, cover their housing and living costs, and provide mentorship and academic enrichment outside of the classroom as well as life skills training. If you know of an orphan in South Africa who would benefit from the RTC Scholars Program please contact our Program Manager.







“I learned that for you to be able to accomplish your missions, you must be passionate about what you are doing.”

“The more important thing was to come to Edendale to make a difference in my life, because when you are still living in a rural areas, your life is stuck in one place."

“What I have learned is that education is a vital key to assisting in the development of a nation and that giving back is just as important once you have received those educational opportunities.”

"The greatest thing I have learnt from being part of RTC is that I should always trust in God and remember that I am destined for greater things"

Thato Mofokeng

"Faith, patience, love, honesty and prayer. These five words sum up what I have learned from being part of RTC"

Kholiswa Lekwape

"I have learnt the need for proper personal leadership and independence, because wihtout them a person remains a victim of circumstance and remains small for the rest of their lives. And I learnt these two things through RTC's actions, as they never treated us like victims, but saw and loved us for who we truly are, not what our circumstances painted us to be.

Another thing that I will forever cherish that they gave me is [the drive] to always grab an opportunity with both hands when given, because you never know what might happen and you can't keep playing the blame game. With maturity comes responsibility and a gift of choosing your own path. And that has nothing to do with what you lacked in the past or what was done to you or what was taken from you. You eat the fruits of your own choice/s. I saw that through looking back and seeing all the opportunities that I was given by [RTC], and some of them I was too much in the victim mode, and I ended up losing the gift of growth and increasing in happiness because of that. "

Kelebogile Sediane