The Orphan Crisis


The orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) crisis

According to the Children’s Institute of South Africa, 23% of South Africa’s children live without either parent, nearly 4 million children.  Vulnerable children are included in our network because it is very easy for adults to physically, sexually, or commercially exploit children that do not have one or both parents to provide for them and protect them.

Why so many orphans?

1. 17-18% of the adult population is HIV positive.
2. More than 30% of the women who give birth are HIV positive.
3. Migratory working patterns also contribute to the orphan crisis.

Education is failing South Africa’s children

1. There are approximately 1.1 million 18-year-olds in South Africa today.
2. More than 50% of them drop out of school.
3. Only 1/3 of them graduate from high school.
4. Only 11% of them do well enough to qualify for a bachelor’s degree.

RTC is doing all we can to change the statistics we have presented above. We believe in the power of a good education and we believe that the generation of orphans currently living in South Africa can change their country’s future if empowered to do so.

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