Join the Movement 

We need time, talent, opportunities and funds to help our Scholars
become next-generation change-makers.



Our Scholars need mentors who support them weekly in their journey through school as well as mentors who can  advise them about their career choices.



We are always looking for partner schools and organisations that can help refer Scholar candidates to us.  We are also looking for companies that can offer learnerships.



We are looking for companies that  have the capacity to host high school Scholars for job shadowing experiences and that can host Scholar graduates as interns.



We need financial support for our Scholars programme as well as computers, toiletries, school stationery items, and basic school uniform items and clothing.

The 5 Effect

Our goal is not just to educate children in need and improve their quality of life. Our goal is to create a community of Scholars who empower hundreds, then thousands of people in rural South Africa. 

The 5 Effect begins when a Scholar positively impacts 5 other people's lives, who then in turn impact 5 other people's lives. Over time, families, communities and economies are transformed.

Looking Beyond

We believe that exposure to other cultures and perspectives broadens the mind and enriches personal experiences.

For many scholars, coming to school in Gauteng is a taste of the world. We want to extend that taste beyond Gauteng, to include the whole world, whether that means a variety of professions or exposure to individuals and families from all over the world


Changing real lives

A story of great results

Lindiwe's Story

Lindiwe Mputle lost her mother a few years ago. A family from Lindiwe's church decided to take her in. We found out about her and sent her to a private school in her new community of Randfontein.

After Lindiwe passed the high school exit exam in 2011, we then helped her enroll in Life Healthcare's nurse training program. Life Healthcare is the largest private school operator in South Africa. They can't find enough nurses, so they're training 1,300 in their own school.

Lindiwe is being paid more than R 7,500 ($500) per month to study full time and become a registered nurse in 4 years. Upon graduation, she was guaranteed a job working in a Life Healthcare facility for
R 30,000 ($2000) per month


raise a child

Become a mentor

Mentor a scholar

RTC is looking for committed individuals who want to serve our community as mentors.

We are looking for individuals who have the desire and interest to work with us to empower and develop our scholars to become the futures leaders in their respective fields and communities

Mentor requirements

Passionate about engaging with youth
Commitment to mentor a scholar for a minimum of a full year.
See the scholar consistently as agreed upon by both  the mentor and the scholars
Attend two training sessions offered by Raise the Children